Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Date Format

Before going learn about Date Format We have to know the Locale class.

The representation of date is varied from location to location ,we can format the date for a specific locale by using date format class.It is available in java.text.package.It is an abstract class we are not allowed to create an instance of date format by using constructor.
DateFormat d=new DateFormat() -------->not valid
Getting DateFormat object for the default locale:
public static DateFormat getInstance();
public static DateFormat getDateInstance();
public static DateFormat getDateinstance(int style);
the allowed styles are :
Getting DateFormat Object for the specific locale:
public static DateFormat getDateInstance(int style,Locale l)
Formating and parsing date:
Public String format(Date d) ----->from java date format to locale specific date format
Public Date parse(String s) throws parseException //from locale specific format to date format.

Example Date Format:
Import java.text.*;
Import java.util.*;
Class DateFormatDemo
public static void main(String arg[])
DateFormat d=DateFormat.getDateInstance(0);
System.out.println(“Full form is:”+d.format(new date());
System.out.println(“lond form;”+(DateForamt.getDateInstance(1)).format(new Date());
System.otu.println(“medium is:”); //Feb 3, 2008
System.out.println(“short is”); // 2/3/08
System.otu.println(“Full is:”); //Sunday,febravary3, 2008
System.out.println(“Long is”); // Febravary 3 ,2008

For India,italy
DateFormat in=DateFormat.getDateInstance(0,new Locale(‘pa”,”In”);
DateFormat us=DateFormat.getDateInstance(0);
DateForamt it=DateFormat.getDateInstance(0,new Locale.ITALY);
System.out.println(“India style:”+in.format(new Date()); // Sunday,febravary 3,2008
System.out.println(“us style:”+us.format(new Date()); // Sunday Febravary 3, 2008
System.out.println(“Italy style:”+it.format(new Date()); // dominica 3,febravary 2008.
Getting DateFormat object for representing both date and time.
Public static DateFormat getDateTimeInstance();
Public static DateFormat getDateTimeInstance(int date style, int time style);
Public static DateForamt getDateTimeInstance(int date style, int time style, locale l);

DateFormat in=DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance(0,0,Locale.UK);
System.out.println(in); // 03 , febravary 2008 12:10:50 0’clock IST
Us: Sunday febravary 3,2008 12:10:50 pm IST


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