Monday, March 30, 2009

comparison Data types

/* This Program is a simple java Application which
shows how to compare two integer data types (this shows
some typical casses . Same rules applies to all the other
comparision operators in java*/
package datatypes;

public class IntCompare {

public static void main(String[] args) {
int i=22,j=33;
byte k=22,l=33;
short a=99,b=98;
char c='A',d='B';
float f=22.22F;
System.out.println(" int comp i < j " + (i<j));
//i <j returns boolean values true or false
// C language the same operator returns 0 or 1
// all the variables are converted to integer before
System.out.println(" char comp " + (c<d));
System.out.println(" byte comp " + (k<l));
System.out.println(" short comp " + (a<b));
//int will be converted to float before comparisson
System.out.println(" float and int comp " + (f>i));



int comp i < j true
char comp true
byte comp true
short comp false
float and int comp true


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