Friday, February 20, 2009

how to convert char to number datatypes and number to char

package datatypes;

public class SampleCodeChar {

public static void main(String[] args) {
// declare three variables cres,cvar1 and cvar2 as character
//char ivar1;
//char ivar2;
//char ires;

char cvar1,cvar2,cres; //declaring multiple variables
// in single declare statement
//declare an integer
int ires;
// store 2147483646 in variable ivar1 and 2 in ivar2
cvar1= 'A';
cvar2= 'b';
//cres= cvar1+cvar2; //this is an error
cres= (char)(cvar1+cvar2); //Is it possible to add a to b
ires= (short)cres;
System.out.println("value of cres = "+cres);
System.out.println("value of ires = "+ires);
System.out.println("value of cvar1 = "+(short)cvar1);
System.out.println("value of cvar2 = "+(short)cvar2);



value of cres = £
value of ires = 163
value of cvar1 = 65
value of cvar2 = 98


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